Barium/Strontium ferrite magnets

Ferrite magnets consist of approx. 80 percent iron oxide and approx. 20 percent barium or strontium ferrite. The magnets are reasonably priced because the raw materials are available in large quantities. Shaping is made by pressing 

Isotropic magnets have approx. the same magnetic values in all directions. They are magnetizable in all axial directions, the energy density is low. 

Anisotropic magnets are pressed in a magnetic field and thus are equipped with a preferential direction. This results in a significant improvement of the remanence. It can only be magnetized in the preferential direction. 

Ferrite magnets are hard, brittle and sensitive to impact. Processing is only possible by grinding with diamond tools. 

Ferrite magnets are weather-resistant and do not oxidise. They are resistant to demagnetization and fully retain their magnetism under normal conditions. They are resistant to many chemicals and solvents. However, it is not always possible to avoid minor chips and cracks. But they do not affect the magnetic values, function or holding force.

Operating temperature: -40 °C to +250 °C.
Temperature coefficient: 0.2 percent per 1 °C.

On request, we offer isotropic, one-side multipolarly magnetized disc magnets.